Monday, August 3, 2009

Electric Elephant

Electric Elephant 28th, 29th & 30th August 2009, Petrcane, Croatia

It seems that the stunning Croatian coastline has been transformed from holiday destination for rich communists to the music festival hotspot of Europe. The Dalmatian coast now hosts 3 festivals each summer. Petrcane is a quaint fishing village with a 900-year history and the last weekend of August sees the second installment of the Electric Elephant festival. Electric Elephant’s website sings the praises of its situation and so it should, Croatia’s Adriatic coast is mind blowing and the hills and forests that frame the perfect white beaches are of the magical kind. Croatia is also still disgustingly cheap for the quality of food, weather and beauty you get.

There are no super famous names in the line-up, the DJs are of a more than respectable standard, headed up by Mancunian outfit Unabombers, and the live stage has a nice range of talent performing. There seems to be a propensity for singer/song writers from the North of England, which is no bad thing at all, and by all accounts the acts will have a marvelous time: the Adriatic coast is a world away from Hull. In fact, it is the opposite of Hull. One of our favourites on the live stage is Beth Jean Houghton who provides an ethereal sophistication, One Little Plane lends a kooky edge and She Keeps Bees supplies rock credibility with soulful charm.

Electric Elephant also have a boat, a ship if you will, and twice daily you can go out on boat parties. The first boat leaves at 1pm and comes back at 5pm, an hour later the boat leaves again for the second party of the day, it brings you back to shore at 10pm. You have to buy tickets in advance, they are a snip at £6.85 and will without a doubt be worth every penny. Getting there will not deprive you of limbs either, both Ryan Air and Easyjet fly to Zagreb and Zdar.

Electric Elephant has all the advantages of a new festival and they could not have chosen a better location. Those who are after musical entertainment on their budget holiday to warm and charming climes, should all go to Electric Elephant. Out of the non-established, new European festivals, Electric Elephant shows considerable promise in the survival of the fittest festivals.

Mia Tagg 2009®

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