Sunday, August 2, 2009

Galway Oyster Festival

Galway 55th International Oyster Festival 24th Sept - 27th Sept 2009

If you have had enough of wading around in a slurry of limp-wristed, plimsole wearing, wayfarer-donning monkeys, drinking warm booze and suffering profound indignity each time nature calls, why not try an oyster festival? It would be infinitely more sophisticated if it weren’t for the Irish D-listers. At least you won’t end up having to check in to a hotel after someone has covered your tent in soft cheese. Don’t get me wrong, we love a festival, but as press or as a spurious member of a band, not as dirty, humiliated, ghostly versions of ourselves.

Whereas there is no particular pull to Galway for your standard music festival content, you do get to eat a truckload of oysters! Another bonus is that neither Starsailor nor Razorlight will be there to ruin your weekend with their sonic poison, and have you seen Galway? It is flippin’ gorgeous! On the downside you are very unlikely to see any of the genuinely beautiful people, and far more likely to see surgically enhanced Irish page three lovelies and bizarrely orange TV “personalities” hanging around an overpriced SAS Radisson Hotel lounge bar.

Here’s what we think should happen: the oyster festival should be hijacked by an amazing music promoter and turned into some sort of heaven for us! Imagine being on Galway Bay eating oysters, drinking champagne with the sublime melancholy of Fever Ray ringing out over the glorious cliffs. That would be our perfect kind of weekend. No novelty wellies, no Snow Patrol fans, no sweaty lager and no cheese covered tents: just aquatic mollusks, the scenery and to top it all off (when my dream is realised), an amazing line-up. In the meantime two out of three will have to do you.

Mia Tagg 2009®

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