Sunday, August 2, 2009


Shambala Festival, 27th – 30th August 2009

The Shambala Festival is held in a different and very secret location every year, this year it is held somewhere in Northamptonshire and seeing since one of the stages is ‘lakeside’, so that could be anywhere really. Shambala are just as secretive about the line-up as they are about the location, so there’s not much content to preview. However, there is a definite style and direction to Shambala, the secrecy and the lack of marketing acts as a knobhead filter, as the definition of a knobhead is only buying stuff that has been expensively advertised straight into their visual cortex. No, those people are heading to the V Festival sites and it’s a massive shame that innocent, discerning festival goers should have to endure Ocean Colour Scene, Keane and the fucking Saturdays in order to gain al fresco access to Wallis Bird, MGMT and Dizzee Rascal.

What we’re trying to say is that you won’t get people who can’t tell creative genius from bland, sick-in-your-mouth mediocrity, will not show up at Shambala. What you will get though is people dressed up in really silly clothes, people who are very ‘free’ with themselves and it’ll be overrun with children, but they’ll be easy to ignore because at Shambala they have one of the best dance tents at any festival anywhere. Two words: Dub Step.

Until the music line-up is posted we will most likely be found in The Kamikaze Tent during the daylight hours. With a roller disco, ping-pong tournaments and a cutting edge circus you surely cannot have a dull day. Frankly, there are so many activities and different areas to get lost in at Shambala that you would have to be brain dead to be bored, just watch out for other peoples’ children and white kids with dreadlocks.

Mia Tagg 2009®

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