Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Delifonseca "Deli of the Year" Bid

Candice Fonseca opened the Original Delifonseca in 2006 in an effort to pull Liverpool out of a culinary ennui and make it an exciting place to be for foodies and Bon Vivants. Last year the original city centre shop and restaurant on Stanley Street was joined by the Dockside branch at Brunswick Quays; affectionately referred to by the staff as "the Mothership" and "the Space Cruiser" respectively, the two venues offer the people of Liverpool local, seasonal produce as well as international classics. As the business (and my waistline) expands, the passion and interest in good food gathers momentum; and despite those bracing gusts that roll in along the Mersey and the equally inclement financial situation, the availability of good food is keeping the people of Liverpool warm.

The size of the Dockside store has allowed Delifonseca to stock a wider variety of produce and cater to the whims of any chef, fair-weather or die-hard, any proud host as well the busy, the lazy and those who just want a solid lunch with all the food groups included. As well as all the take-away brigade, we also have a loyal and growing crowd of restaurant frequenters. Dockside's size also means that we have been able to strike up a partnership with the award winning Broughs butchers, who have proved a delightful addition to the shop, the restaurant, catering and some superb events.

The increased floorspace have given us the opportunity to stock over 80 different cheeses from all over the curds-and-whey enthused world, as well as a mind bending variety of olives and delicious deli snacks. At Dockside we have started to reach a new food audience and the air of discovery is palpable and all around, we try and inspire with recipe cards placed in strategic places and ideas shared between customers, front of house and kitchen staff informs and develops knowledge, expertise and most importantly: A sense of fun.

Mia Tagg 2011.

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